TRAILER: “Wandering Rose” (2014) – Love and terror in the wilderness

TAGLINE: “Hell hath no fury like a woman torn.”

Rose (Carina Birrell) and her fiancé Theo (David Wayman) escape the city for a weekend away in the idyllic Scottish Highlands. Theo sees it as a last chance to have some romantic “alone time” with Rose before she gives birth to their first child. Not surprisingly, Very Bad Things happen.

The couple’s peace disintegrates as Rose is confronted with chilling memories of her secret past. The weekend descends into a living nightmare as Rose is forced to confront her demons. Having recently watched the grisly, wrenching Eden Lake, I can’t help but note the parallels – particularly that one shot of the lake’s shoreline.

Written and first-time directed by Corrie Greenop (The League of Gentlemen). IMDB lists it as still in production, with no announced release date. Released by Green 13 Films. Official site here.

MUSIC VIDEO: Halia Meguid’s haunting original “The Ravenstag” for “Hannibal”

Haunting acoustic song paired with equally haunting imagery from NBC’s Hannibal. Meguid has also been recently featured as a siren, luring pirates to their doom in the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.

If you’re not watching NBC’s “Hannibal,” you really should be. Here’s why…

Hannibal - on NBC Fridays at 10pm (9 c)

If you’ve an appetite for dramatic horror done with flair, vision, and style – well, then… Hannibal is tasty stuff indeed.

In a couple of days, Hannibal returns to television for its second season on NBC. Season 1 did not exactly shatter ratings records, so it’s kind of on the bubble, as they say in the biz. This is a show that’s far, far too good for early cancellation. It is actually better than merely good – it’s great television, painstakingly made by some of the best in the business. It needs for you to tune in. So here are eight reasons why you should:

Laurence Fishburne as Special Agent Jack Crawford1. LAURENCE FUCKING FISHBURNE. This alone should be enough to convince you. The fact that he’s fantastic in his role as FBI Special Agent Jack Crawford? Unsurprising.

Will Graham in the antler lodge2. PRODUCTION VALUES. Hannibal is one of the most cinematic television programs ever made. Every week is like watching a beautifully-crafted, one-hour feature film. Set design, direction, lighting, locations, musical score, sound mix – even the food photography – every aspect is of the highest order. It looks expensive. It feels fantastic. Read the rest of this entry

TRAILER: Second official trailer for ‘Godzilla’ re-reboot is a real monster

“Go big, or go home”? No shit – this production looks huge.

When we first heard about yet another “re-imagining” of one of cinema’s most iconic monsters, our reaction was a decided “meh.” But this thing looks to have legs. And scales. And big honkin’ explosions. Nuclear explosions. And not an ill-concealed zipper in sight.

Casting really brings its A-game, too: Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn…and Bryan Fucking Cranston, for crying out loud. Gareth Edwards directs. Godzilla hits U.S. theaters on May 16th. From the looks of this and the original teaser trailer from last December, the theater is definitely going to be the place to confront the latest Godzilla.

TRAILER: “Raised By Wolves” (2014) – Skaters, cults, and werewolves, courtesy The Butcher Brothers

Despite a decade-long glut of “found footage” horror films, this one still looks worth a look.

Description from the Highland Film Group site:

When a group of extreme skaters go searching for an empty pool rumored to be behind an abandoned house in the barren desert, they learn they should not have ignored the rumors that the house is haunted by a demonic presence and a dark history of occultism.  What follows is a terrifying tale of evil possession causing the friends to slowly turn against each other.

Raised By Wolves stars adult film actress Jenna Haze, Evan Crooks, and Michael Hudson. Story by Michael Altieri; written by Altieri, Phil Flores, and Cory Knauf. Altieri also directs. Currently listed as in post-production, with no release date yet announced.


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